PIECES is a culmination of several different stories, characters and projects.

The most recent of which is the graphic novel Volume II: SNARES. Three chapters of a very different kind of family.

Wondering what the hell this is all about? Check out the Story page and read up on the many twisted tales that span across several decades.

As the graphic novel series progresses, the Characters page will be updated with new and disturbing character bios.

Ultimately, the goal is to make MEAT into an indie film and following that a full length feature for PIECES. Check out the Film page for info and updates about the project.

PIECES takes place primarily on North Brother Island. The island itself has several historical events rife with death and suffering. On the Universe page, you will find these stories and any other general information about the web site, comic, film and overall project.

Check out the facebook page for weekly updates!


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Donations of any kind are greatly appreciated and can help towards goals of a decent camera, location bribery, more art supplies and even a few small asian children to do my coloring for me.


Just kidding. I do not support nor do I condone the trafficking of small asian children for the purpose of coloring.

but if you know where i can find any...